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Step into the role of a borderguard in the far future of the year 20XX. Your family is in dire need of money and you have to give everything to provide for them. Every night a barrage of smugglers tries to cross the border, and it is your job to stop them, or your family will suffer!

W/A/S/D or Arrow Keys: Move the guard

E/F/ENTER: Interact with objects

Better Lamp upgrades the radius, in which your character can see the smugglers.

Slippery Gates decreases the chance for a smuggler to climb  over a gate by half.

Your objective is to catch all five smugglers in each level, without letting them escape.

Created for the MiniBeansJam 4.

Sound: vault-kid

Art: obscuram

Programming: Xeredar

You can give the soundtrack a listen here!


No Smugglers Please V0.1.7z (original upload) 31 MB
No Smugglers Please V0.2.7z (fixes) 27 MB
No Smugglers Please v0.3.0.zip (fixes) 34 MB
No Smugglers Please v0.3.2.zip (fixes) 34 MB
No Smugglers Please v0.4.1.zip (fixes) 34 MB

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